An existential nightmare for the globalist class

The monster that was born when we got together to dig the splinters out of our minds is an existential nightmare for the globalist class

Something very interesting has been happening over the last few years, and very few people have been noticing it.

Most of the time we’re so caught up in the Current Thing, whether supporting or opposing or just laughing at it and rolling our eyes, that it’s hard to take a step back and notice the subtle, large-scale patterns that have been knitting themselves together as history unfolds before us. We’ve been so busy navigating the choppy waters of medical tyranny, censorship, cancel culture, groomers in the kindergartens, CRT in the schools, ESG in the corporations, DIE in the academy, shenanigans at the ballot box, supply chain shortages, hyperinflation, mass shootings, mass replacement migration, and the onset of the Third World War between the Globohomo Empire of Lies and the Russo-Chinese Alliance of Sovereign Nations that it’s hard to get our heads above the heaving waves to see the big picture.

These are terrifying times. A cult of sociopaths, narcissists, and megalomaniacs organized under the banner of the World Economic Forum (as merely the most visible face of the cult) have quietly infiltrated every institution that matters in the Western world. They’re in elected office, state agencies, media, non-governmental organizations, the upper echelons of corporate management, the commanding heights of high finance, the platforms of Big Tech, the universities, the mainline churches. Their political penetration extends from the international to the municipal. Their messaging is ubiquitous. A huge segment of the population is fully hypnotized, their minds putty in the hands of the WEFites. The monied elite openly discuss the transhumanist plan to re-engineer Homo sapiens into a sessile slave species, and the entrained populace gabble ‘conspiracy theorist’ at anyone who draws attention to the words of their masters … or even to the masters’ very existence. Menticided by mass formation, they move implacably towards this cosmic failure mode with the dumb will of a herd of lemmings, dragging the rest of the species kicking and screaming into the Great Filter going by the name of the Great Reset.


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