An Anti-Civ Critique of “Post-Civ”

what a piano looks like after you set 9 billion ppl free in the forest to hunt/gather

This is a segment of a longer work (“The Rotting Carcass Behind The Green-Scare: How Anti-Civ Anarchy Became the Most Controversial Position) which can be read in its entirety here:

by ziq

Post-Civ: Leftist-Drift

While much of the fallacious green-scare red anarchists have been stirring up since the 1990s can be traced with a straight line directly to Kaczynski, ITS and DGR, there’s also a green anarchist tendency that seems to only exist because of that same green-scare: post-civ anarchy. This tendency, while being anarchist and anti-civ, still manages to feed the big lie that other forms of green anarchy are deviant and bigoted ideas that we need to loudly castigate and distance ourselves from at every opportunity. It repeats that tiresome myth that primitivism is a political program to remake society in the image of indigenous gatherer-hunters and subsistence farmers, the same way communism is a program to remake society in the image of the collectively-owned factory worker.

These are the points Margaret Killjoy makes in setting post-civ apart from anarcho-primitivism. Let’s go through them one by one and I’ll demonstrate how they’re little more than strawmen, and show that post-civ is really no different than anarcho-primitivism in substance or practice, and the attempt to distance green anarchy from its roots necessitates buying into the smears disseminated by transhumanists, Marxists and others who fetishize the idea of liberation through the progression of industrial civilization.

Killjoy begins:


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