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The Vaccine Passport Will Lead to a Global Digital Gulag

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Nick Corbishley: The Vaccine Passport Will Lead to a Global Digital Gulag

Nick Corbishley discusses his book “Scanned” and gives an overview of the evolution of the Vaccine Passport and how it is morphing into a Digital ID and Social Credit System whose endgame is a Digital Gulag which will demand total obedience from the citizenry. He discusses the creation of a two-tiered or apartheid system where the unvaccinated were dehumanized and ostracized. He discusses the unconstitutional nature of these measures, how little courts have pushed back, and incredibly how the population by and large has gone along with this tyranny. The addition of CBDCs to the Digital Passports creates the perfect control grid. We discuss Plan B locations and escape from dystopia. He agrees that crypto could be the perfect Trojan horse and way of conditioning people to accept digital money as well as diverting investment away from real assets (e.g. gold).

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