The Nation Weekly: July 30, 2022 Lyme disease, Biden’s latest misguided crusade, and more

“If the Lyme pathogen has been here all along, why was the disease absent—or at least not rampant—during this country’s first two centuries? And why has it returned in such a ferocious fashion?” asks writer Jimmy Tobias.

For our latest cover story, Tobias spoke with one of the first known Lyme disease survivors, scientists at the CDC, and disease ecologists to trace the history of Lyme and the way climate change has affected its spread.

How Lyme Disease Became Unstoppable
There was nothing inevitable about the Lyme epidemic. Then humans disrupted the environment and fueled an era of tick-borne diseases.
Jimmy Tobias
Biden’s Misguided International Crusade
The president is promoting alliances abroad while neglecting crises at home.
Michael T. Klare
Vladimir Sorokin’s Anti-Realism
For the Russian novelist, the end of Soviet literary and political culture marked the loss of a powerful foil.
Gregory Afinogenov
“Roe” Is the Past, Human Rights Are the Future
Roe v. Wade didn’t guarantee unfettered abortion access in the United States. It’s past time human rights were placed at the center of our demands.
Akila Radhakrishnan
Philip Guston’s Philosophy of Doubt
A delayed, divisive, and long-awaited retrospective finally debuts in Boston.
Barry Schwabsky
Katha Pollitt on Advice for Men, Plus J. Hoberman on Film in the Age of Reagan
On this week’s episode of Start Making Sense, commentary on Jordan Peterson’s books of advice for men and the synergy between politics and pop culture.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense
David Maraniss on the Politics of Jim Thorpe
Legendary writer David Maraniss joins the Edge of Sports podcast to talk about his new book.
Dave Zirin

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