Andrew Yang’s New ‘Centrist’ Party Lacks Mass Appeal, Compelling Leadership, Experts Believe

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MOSCOW (Sputnik), Kirill Krasilnikov – Andrew Yang’s new self-styled centrist party Forward is unlikely to succeed as it lacks genuine popular appeal and compelling leadership as well as it will face opposition from the Democrats and Republicans, experts said.
Earlier in the week, Yang, a former Democratic presidential candidate, announced a new national party comprised of former Democrats and Republicans that presents itself as neither left nor right and allegedly appealing to large swathes of independent voters lacking a viable alternative to the country’s two major parties.
In a Washington Post op-ed published on Wednesday, Yang together with a former Republican congressman from Florida, David Jolly, and a former Republican governor of New Jersey, Christine Todd Whitman, criticized the Democrats and Republicans as “outdated” and “catering to the fringes.” The article goes on to cite a last-year Gallup poll showing that about half of US citizens think of themselves as independents, thus necessitating a new political party that would appeal to the moderate majority.
Illusionary Center
While Yang and his associates are quick to point to the allegedly unrepresented center, the truth is a bit messier as the so-called independent vote may not be a cookie-cutter thing that can be easily represented by a single party.
According to a 2021 analysis by Pew Research Center, ideological groups that have the largest shares of self-described independents do not share the same politics, making it hard to mold them into a unified voting block.

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