Anarchists must say…?

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How do you express anarchist ideas in mixed company? We are told that “anarchists must say what only anarchists can say,” but what must we say, and how?

The Duponts encourage us to be “poppers of balloons” to dispel the illusion of liberalism, which to them meant going to rallies to yell at protest leaders and disillusion the people they’re duping and today might include posting a spicy meme or bagging on liberals on social media. To them, “[anarchists] must say what only they can say, they must refuse the script written for them by leftists and liberals — there is nothing to be gained by repeating easy leftwing slogans, truth and not recruitment should be the decisive factor” (“Anarchists must say what only anarchists can say”).

Yet Aragorn! cautions us that “if the post-left has anything to teach us it is that being right, and informing others of it, isn’t nearly enough. It may be preferable to maintain the affect of the happy fool, the politically naïve, while tilling the soil for the seeds to feed those who will engage in the challenges of how to engage (as anarchists) with politicians” (“Political Naïveté”).

How do you speak with a non-anarchist audience? Does what you say change depending on who’s listening? Are you a tiller of soil? A popper of balloons? Both?

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