I Grow More Confident Everyday

By Peter R. Quinones

This can’t last. This can’t be our future. It won’t be.

Imagine it’s 1958 and Vice-President Nixon is sitting down in the White House with a visiting Girl Scout troop (honestly, I’d pay to see that footage) and he begins by thanking them for coming to the White House and then proceeds to announce that his pronouns are he/him, that he’s in the sitting position and is wearing a blue suit. You can’t? I wonder why.

When it has reached the point that the alleged “2nd most powerful person in the world” (don’t think about that or you may cry) has to start a meeting by uttering completely inane words, one is led to believe that this can’t last much longer. Yes, a small minority has always tended to have more power, and for lack of a better term control the masses, but they can’t hold that position forever. Especially when they’ve “crossed the Rubicon” into the absurd. And yes, I understand all the implications that can be made by appealing to Caesar’s crossing but one has to believe this White House is closer to Thrax than Julius. Either way, I am starting to see the White Pills in all of this, and hopefully some of you are as well. But please, stay vigilant!


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