Political Correctness/Totalitarian Humanism

American Leftists are 100% FUNDED by the Ruling Class


American leftists are throwing a fit after the fact has been exposed almost all ‘progressive’ causes are overwhelmingly created, bankrolled and funded by the elite sections of the American ruling class. Here we will show, beyond any threshold of a doubt, that American leftism derives entirely from initiatives and trends pushed from the top-down, with absolutely no grassroots basis. We will directly follow the paper trail of money, from academia to NGOs, that was responsible for propelling so-called ‘radical leftist’ ideas about gender, race, and culture to the mainstream. 00:00 START 07:30 – Introduction 32:00 – Ordering Food 37:50 – Context – Twitter leftists malding 48:00 – Following the money: LGBTQ funding research 1:24:30 – Ford Foundation 1:36:15 – 2020 Foundation Donations 1:42:05 – Declassified CIA document on New Left 1:48:00 – CIA, French Philosophy, Frankfurt School Influence On Left 2:02:00 – Food/Hasan video 2:13:20 – Responding to Hasan attacking Larouche/Infrared/Patsocs

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