Washington Post Discovers The Claremont Cabal

Banned Hipster

You want to know what the Democrat blog WP is going to post next week, read Banned Hipster from, oh, the last year or so.

I’ve been pointing out their connections to the Atlantic, Bill Kristol, Andrew Sullivan and how they all started Curtis Yarvin’s ‘Mencius Moldbug’ character for a solid three years, even plenty on the old blog.

It is no secret it is just a taboo After all, Claremont is the New Based Right and you don’t want to start any ‘infighting’ so don’t mention all the Israeli and Paypal Mafia money is funding everything from Youtube’s favorite Ben Shapiro to Aimee Terese.

But never mention funding and astroturfing, if an online handle or a blogger or a podcaster says something you agree with they are automatically reliable allies on your side.


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