The Lighthouse Weekly Newsletter July 20, 2022 How Big is the Marriage Tax? | Let’s Bury Build Back Better | SCOTUS and Self-Defense

July 20, 2022  •  Weekly Newsletter
How Big Is the Marriage Tax? Now We Know

John C. Goodman (Forbes)

Until recently researchers have not had the tools to measure the full extent of government-created marriage penalties. Now we do, thanks to a new study. And it turns out we are discouraging marriage and productive work at the same time with the same policies. Such perverse incentives must be eliminated. READ MORE »

Living Economics

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

By Peter J. Boettke

Build Back Better is Better off Dead

Benjamin Powell (The Hill)

Senate Democrats are scrambling to patch together a scaled-down version of President Biden’s failed Build Back Better Act for a vote this summer. Build Back Better was a bad bill when the economy was stronger and an even worse one now, when it is not. Thank God for Joe Manchin… READ MORE »


Cooperation, Enterprise, and Human Action

By Robert P. Murphy

Supreme Court Second Amendment Ruling is about Self-Defense

Stephen P. Halbrook (Washington Examiner)

The recent mass shootings have raised further objections to the recent SCOTUS opinion New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen. But, as Justice Samuel Alito asked in that case: “Will a person bent on carrying out a mass shooting be stopped if he knows that it is illegal to carry a handgun outside the home?” We tragically know the answer. READ MORE »

The Right to Bear Arms

A Constitutional Right of the People or a Privilege of the Ruling Class?

By Stephen P. Halbrook

SCOTUS Properly Reined in the EPA: Will the IRS and SEC Be Next?

William F. Shughart II (Real Clear Markets)

The U.S. Supreme Court just held in West Virginia et al. v. Environmental Protection Agency that federal agencies cannot take major regulatory initiatives without explicit congressional authorization. It was a significant pushback against the seemingly endless expansion of the administrative state. We need more decisions like it. A lot more. READ MORE »

Nature Unbound

Bureaucracy vs. the Environment

By Randy Simmons et al.

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