Rising: July 20, 2022 Full Show-FAKE handcuffs? AOC, Ilhan Omar, ARRESTED at SCOTUS rally: Ryan Grim & Robby Soave

Ryan Grim and Robby Soave react to the arrest of Democratic lawmakers who were protesting outside the Supreme Court over abortion rights yesterday.

Robby Soave discusses the Department Of Homeland Security Disinformation Governance Board, which has been deemed unnecessary by DHS.

Ryan Grim makes the case that the Biden administration should spend more time working to legalize Marijuana.

Deputy editor at Carbon Brief Simon Evans discusses the red extreme heat wave warning issued by the UK.

Managing editor at Law&Crime, Adam Klasfeld, weighs in on a Delaware judge’s decision to fast-track the lawsuit between Twitter and Elon Musk.

Staff writer at The Hill, Rafael Bernal weighs in on the recent racist name-calling directed at Rep. Mayra Flores.

The hosts react to Joe Rogan’s comments about homeless people that many are criticizing.


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