Freedom News Digest: TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2022 FBI Still Targets Black People for Entrapment

Modern liberals and conservatives have “a plan” that amounts to them playing dictator over your life.

— Richard M. Ebeling

“Would You Abdicate If You Could Be the Dictator?”

July 18, 2022
No Need to Meet With Dictators
By now, most everyone knows about President Biden’s famous “fist bump” with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi dictator who has been accused of orchestrating the brutal murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi when he visited a Saudi consulate in Turkey. The fist bump took place during Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia to meet with bin Salman. Biden supporters claim that …
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 Would You Abdicate If You Could Be the Dictator?
by Richard M. Ebeling
Future of Freedom Foundation
Journey to Guantánamo: A Week in America’s Notorious Penal Colony
by Moustafa Bayoumi
Back to the Twentieth Century?
by Andrew J. Bacevich
American Conservative
Remember Abu Ghraib,’ MBS Tells Biden When Pressed on Khashoggi: Report
by Brett Wilkins
Common Dreams
FBI Still Targets Black People for Entrapment
by Margaret Kimberley
Black Agenda Report
Inflation Even Hurts the Penguins
by Ron Paul
Ron Paul Institute
End the Gasoline Crisis: Try Motivation by Love, Not Fear
by Raymond C. Niles
American Institute for Economic Research
House Military Spending Bill Is a Boon to the Arms Industry
by William Hartung
Responsible Statecraft
The Empire Is Showing More And More Of Its True Face
by Caitlin Johnstone
An Iron Curtain is Descending on America and We Were Warned
by Kary Love
Dismantling the Constitution: Police No Longer Have to Honor the Right to Remain Silent
by John W. Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead
“That was when they suspended the Constitution. They said it would be temporary. There wasn’t even any rioting in the streets. People stayed home …
The Case Against Public Schooling and Vouchers
by Jacob G. Hornberger and Richard M. Ebeling
Why should libertarians be calling for the separation of school and state rather than school vouchers? ….
Transform NATO Without U.S. Help
by Laurence M. Vance
On the eve of the NATO summit held in Madrid on June 29–30, NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that “the number of NATO troops …
The Supreme Court Is Turning America Into a Constitution-Free Zone
by John W. Whitehead
The Supreme Court has spoken: there will be no consequences for cops who brutalize the citizenry and no justice for the victims of police brutality….
Immigration Deaths and Open Borders
by Jacob G. Hornberger and Richard M. Ebeling
What is the only way to bring an end to the deaths of immigrants from dehydration in …
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