Left and Right

Out of the movement, to the masses! Where did our organization come from?

This is a very good overview of the history of the US Left over the past 20 years and how the “woke left” functions as controlled opposition.

This presentation was given by Caleb Maupin at the Center for Political Innovation’s Linn Valley Training School in June of 2022.

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  1. “Leftism” is an expression of the cultural and econimc preferences of aspirational Democrats hoping to live on Democratic party patronage.

    To any anarchist or any working class American leftism would be the enemy. But of course leftist anarchism is just another brand for ‘lefty Democrat.’

    Boomer Democrats called themselves liberals, Gen X Democrats call themselves progressives, and millennial Democrats call themselves socialist. The labels are just branding, they are all just garden variety Democrats.

    Anarchists are just standard issue lefty Democrats without the courage to admit it.

      • One can say the same about “Rightism” – even the supposedly radical “Far Rightists” are largely just a-bit-more-edgy Republicans on steroids.

        Wouldn’t you agree, Keith?

        • Vortex

          Interesting I’ve been documenting the so-called ‘Dissident Right’ and how it is mostly the neocons of the Claremont Institute and The Atlantic, all paid for by Jewish Zionist money.

          But then again I don’t have a knee knee reaction when someone critiques ‘the right.’

          As Marxist Malcolm Kyeyune noted, when you actually use Marxist analysis on the Left itself they will scream and do the whataboutism thing.

          Which to me is just a great illustration of how the Left is just the Mainstream Imperial ideology. Leftism IS ‘white colonialism’ hence why the LGBT ideology – a white ideology – is pushed by the State Department.

          But every Democrat wants to pretend he’s really a ‘rebel against the system.’

          After all, 100% of ‘anarchists’ are/were into ‘punk’ and engaged in that consumer subculture, and then try to turn that into a political ideology when they get too old to be calling themselves a ‘punk’ or whatever.

          Just garden variety Democrats who were not talented enough to get jobs at Leftist NGOs.

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