American Power Has Collapsed, It’s Pulling Down the Rest of the World With It

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Gonzalo Lira: American Power Has Collapsed, It’s Pulling Down the Rest of the World With It

Gonzalo Lira discusses the collapse of American power and how Washington has decided to pull down the rest of the world instead of accepting a graceful decline. The Russians have the upper-hand in Ukraine and will win the war. The U.S. now wants to pivot to war with Iran and eventually China. If the U.S. feels it is losing, in its hubris and pride it may seek to use nuclear weapons. The European project is over, Europe is dead. He comments on the Western world’s fall into totalitarianism and turn toward the use of population control systems such as social credit and digital currency. The best places to escape to are countries that are poor, backward, and low-tech with lots of food.

ANALYSIS: “Multipolar World” – Another Propaganda Narrative from the Kremlin?

Over the past 20 years, Russian officials have been claiming that the creation of a “multipolar world” is a matter of time. To this day they continue repeating that mantra. How long does it take to establish it?

Stop Weaponizing Pathogens – Interview with Hrvoje Morić

Who was the first journalist to cover the lab origins of COVID-19 and point out the eerie similarities to Event 201? Hrvoje Moric of Geopolitics & Empire in a January 23, 2020, interview with biological weapons expert Francis Boyle. The interview has since been wiped from the internet, but Boyle included the transcript in his new book, Resisting Medical Tyranny: Why the COVID-19 Mandates Are Criminal. I’ll be interviewing Hrvoje about his early reporting and everything he’s learned since.

The Hrvoje Morić Show on TNT Radio

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