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Did John Mearsheimer Admit that Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Would Never Have Occurred Under Donald Trump’s Watch?


Mearsheimer exposes some uncomfortable truths about the foreign policy establishment.

The other day I came across a video of international relations scholar John Measheimer being interviewed by Jasmin Kosubek, a German journalist and news personality who used to work for RT DE, that was published on June 19, 2022. The topic of discussion was the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, of which Mearsheimer has spoken prophetically about over the last 8 years since the Euromaidan conflict kicked off in 2014.

Mearsheimer is one of the sharpest minds in international relations and is a consummate free thinker — something that’s increasingly rare in the interventionist monoculture that is foreign affairs. Any time he voices dissent against the foreign policy Blob, Measheimer is burnt in effigy by his academic colleagues and the regime media.

During this interview, Mearsheimer not only shared his thoughts about the present Russo-Ukrainian conflict but also had choice words for neoliberal Democrats and their progressive bedfellows who have universally supported heightening this conflict. In addition, Mearsheimer made the case that had former president Donald Trump stayed in office,  there likely would not have been a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Mearsheimer called attention to “Trump’s basic instincts” of hating NATO and wanting to build amicable relations with Russian leader Vladimir Putin as to why he believes that it would have been less likely that Russia invades Ukraine under Trump’s watch. Though, Mearsheimer made some caveats here.

Like many seasoned observers of international relations, Mearsheimer understands how embedded interventionist beliefs are within the unelected foreign policy establishment. Irrespective of whichever president is in charge, this foreign policy “Blob” will always get its way. Mearsheimer argued that Trump’s realist foreign policy instincts would have likely been overridden by the foreign policy establishment, thereby creating a similar geopolitical scenario to the one that we see today.

Nevertheless, the international relations scholar still believes that Trump was a marked improvement over most national figures when it comes to foreign policy. For Mearsheimer, this was most apparent when juxtaposed to Democrats, who have become fanatically anti-Russia in the last 6 years.


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