Density of Life, Divine Giotto and the Biggest Dick the World Has Ever Seen

By Linh Dinh

Mekong River in Can Tho on 3/4/19]

Density of life is not for everyone. Some people can’t stand sharing with anyone a wall, ceiling, bottle, kitchen, bedroom or toilet, etc. They’d prefer to feast, get drunk, argue or have sex alone. I understand.

Vietnam, though, is about density of humanity, and that’s true of this entire region. As has been pointed out, most people on this trashed and gasping planet live inside a circle encompassing Pakistan, Indian, most of China, Japan and most of Southeast Asia.

The reasons are obvious. Large rivers irrigate the land and facilitate trade. Long planting seasons ensure abundant crops. South and East Asia, then, have been most conducive to human survival, but when the living is easy, breeding is a breeze, until each lane and alley is choked with guys just like me!

Still, I’m betting on this region as best at surviving the globalist onslaught. With Sri Lanka imploding, this may sound foolish, but India, China, Japan and Vietnam, etc., can lose 9/10th of their populations yet remain essentially themselves, with all their flaws. Resources can come from Russia. Unless this entire world blows up, Eurasia is the future, however short.

If so, what about Europe’s western end? Like the US, it’s thoroughly Jewscrewed, with the majority having a great time having their assholes torn apart. Else, they wouldn’t keep destroying themselves for Jewish wars, with Syria and Ukraine merely the latest.

Even many who know who’s buggering them are girlishly gigglish with their lingo, so it’s Zionist, Joo or merely J, if that. “Those who print the money” is a delicate allusion. Many “dissident” writers hide their names, and most commenters are even worse, for, anonymously, of course, they routinely attack those who expose their catastrophe and acquiescence. “I wouldn’t want to dox myself,” a young rebel with much invested in the system told me, so you’re well fucked, I thought.

The war in Ukraine will expand, because Jews have never minded seeing lots of whites massacred. Remember the Holocaust! Even without nukes, much of Europe is being steered towards destruction, just as with WWI and WWII, where Jews were also pivotal.

From this wrecked Europe, nations that are most proud of their native heritage, and not cross dressing and self-castration, will have the best chance at reconstituting themselves. If Serb, Albanian and Hungarian identities are intact, those nations are intact.


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