Alexander Dugin’s Multipolarity Explained

By Momcilo Nevsky

Today we live in the post-Cold War epoch. We have left the stage of bipolarity which saw the Russian led communist world against the US led capitalistic and liberal world battle for global domination. Ultimately the capitalist and liberal camp won out with the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the fall of communism, leaving the US as the only superpower and the de facto unipolar power.

However unlike in a bygone era were states engaged in Great Power Politics and Realpolitik, understanding the inherently anarchistic nature of the world stage and the need to carve out spheres of influence and accept the reality of other states desires to pursue their own geopolitical and existential interest (what is often called “realism”), the US has maintained the ideological liberal underpinning which drives its foreign policy. This is why the American diplomat to Russia earnestly told John Mearsheimer that Nato expansion up to Russia’s border isn’t actually a threat to Russia. This also is why the US thought that Afghanistan, an extremely fractious religious, rural, and tribal society could be made into a liberal republic overnight and would be seen as liberators to their backwards country. The reality is that the small minority of upper class liberals in these countries simply move to live a docile life in the West where they die a genetic death consuming product until their death bed.

And liberalism, like its former foe communism, has pretensions to universality. If you are not liberal then you should be made to be because we are all human beings we are told. We all need to be part of the same bourgeois and atomized world to conduct trade and allow everyone to pursue their own individual happiness. If you don’t believe this then logically it’s because you are backwards, barbaric, and haven’t been fully civilized!


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