Morning News: July 11, 2022 Epoch Times ‘We’ve Lost Everything’: Jan. 6 Prisoners’ Families Speak Out

“God meets daily needs daily. Not weekly or annually. He will give you what you need when it is needed.”
Jan. 6 Coverage
‘We’ve Lost Everything’: Jan. 6 Prisoners’ Families Speak Out
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Social Media

Trump Responds After Elon Musk Moves to Pull Out of Twitter Deal

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Facts Matter

Manufactured Food Crisis: Elite’s ‘Great Reset’ Plan to Take Farmer’s Land, Convert It to Housing: Dutch MP | Facts Matter

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Executive Branch

Another White House Official Is Leaving Biden Administration

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Jan. 6 Coverage

Steve Bannon Tells Jan. 6 Committee He Wants to Testify in Public

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2024 Election

Virginia Gov. Youngkin Responds to Speculation He’s Running for President in 2024

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Immigration & Border Security

Border Agents Falsely Accused of Whipping Had Careers ‘Ruined’ by Biden: Union Chief

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Religious Freedom

Hundreds Gather in New York’s Chinatown to Highlight Ongoing Persecution of Falun Gong in Communist China

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‘It Was Love at First Sight’: Couple Who Met on a Blind Date and Got Married 4 Months Later Have Been Together for 62 Years

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American Thought Leaders

The Deadliest Ideology of the 20th Century—Elizabeth Spalding on First US Museum Honoring Victims of Communism

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American Thought Leaders

Corruption in American Education Is Empowering Communist China—Heritage President Kevin Roberts

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Jeffrey A. Tucker
The Crash and Burn of Credentialism
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Newt Gingrich
Trust the American People, Not the Jan. 6 Committee
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