Want To Be Even Angrier About the Self-Delusional Rich? Watch ‘The Anarchists’

By Alison Lanier  Pajiba

Jeff Berwick had a brain blast while partying his way around the world in the wake of the dot-com crash, protected by legal and military systems that regulated the safety of his air travel and allowed him to exchange currency for accommodation: it’s so unfair that there are governments to tell you what to do, right?

The Anarchists opens with a super fun scene of small children burning books of law and screaming “F*ck you!” at the burning pages, while their parents look on with glowing approval. All this is apparently a proud moment of anti-state freedom. No one can tell us what to do! Etc. Now I’ve seen a lot of documentaries about a lot of non-reality-based groups. I can sympathize with the perspectives of flat-earthers and even some folks strolling into self-improvement cults with high hopes. But this celebratory book-burning ranked high on my scale of the disconcerting and the disturbing.

The Anarchists is a six-part documentary series from HBO that tells the story of a group of anarcho-capitalists (although the definition of that term varies among the interviewees) who establish an enclave of libertarian expatriates in Acapulco, Mexico.

The settlement began when Berwick took a pause on his globetrotting to “just stay” in Mexico for a while to decide what he wanted to do. Then he starts getting into some literature that reinforces his concepts of his own exceptionalism and the fact that anyone who tells him what to do is the bad guy.


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