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Claremont Institute Takes Over National Conservatism? A Break Between Hazony and the Neocons?

Apparently, the Claremonters have taken over the natcons, which is an interesting development because it will potentially be more difficult for the neocons to directly puppet master the natcons.

It has been argued that Hazony’s presence shows that the neocons (and, likely, the Mossad who pays him a lot more than he is worth) have a foothold already in the leadership of the “movement” so it is at this point severely compromised. I have wondered about that as well.

Others have suggested that while Hazony was originally a Kristol protege, he may be branching out on his own and attempting to embed himself in the Burkeans and other outliers in the neocon orbit. There seem to be some tensions between the US neocons and Israeli right-wing. The former thinks the latter is not pro-war enough. It may be that Hazony is a parallel operation to the neocons, one that the Mossad is exercising direct control over without intermediaries like the US neocons.


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  1. Claremont IS Neo-Con and Bill Kristol himself was grooming Peter Thiel when he was an undergrad.

    Curtis Yarvin himself complained about Hazony not being hard core enough. I’ve written about this crowd extensively. It is all the same group and it is Mossad in Hungary and Brazil.

    It is a way to carve out an exception for Israel from UN standards, ethnonationalism, etc. EU is not controlled by Zionists like the US.

    Trump’s Russiagate should have been called Israelgate but obviously the Democrats number one donor, Michael Bloomberg, wouldn’t allow that.

    • IsraelGate indeed.

      – “Trump Heights”
      – Symbolic embassy movement to Jerusalem
      – Participation in the attempted dismantling of Syria
      – Netanyahu gets fresh sleep at Kushner house

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