Is the Union Between Muslim Countries Possible?

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  1. Nooooo. I don’t have the most flattering opinion of Islam but I really don’t have any problem with these peeps if they don’t get to run my town. But from what I know of Islam it is fractured on lots of lines and some of them take these differences very seriously.

    It might be nice if they kind of supported each other more against imperialism. They also need some lever to go after their own worst governments, instead of actively helping each other oppress certain groups. They already do some trading of dissidents, especially Jordan, so that’s cool. But whatever they do amongst themselves they should definitely not ever try to become a single country.

    If they insist on a caliph make it some kind of spiritual figurehead. I’m not afraid of a united Islamic empire, I think that any attempt to do that would end in disaster for them.

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