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Dave Rubin SUSPENDED For Defending Jordan Peterson, Rogan ROASTS Biden w/Legal Bytes

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As a fan of Starship Troopers (the book, and kinda the movie, which has absolutely the barest connection to the book) Tim kinda has it right. In the book they make clear any community service works, while it has to be approved, the government in no way could turn you down. This was exemplified in a short passage that many people forget (or may have been edited out since the book has had several reprints, and I am using one of the original copies) “You could serve in any way, you could be a blind, deaf and dumb quadriplegic, and they would have to find something as equally ridiculous for you to do for your service, but they could not tell you ‘no'”. The book also made clear that civilians could remove their elected officials in a referendum, they could not vote for who would replace that official, only the citizens could, but the citizens were barred from re-electing any official that was removed. Another point, though Tim and co missed it, you also had to be a citizen to hold political office, and anti-nepotism laws existed. The final point I will make concerning Starship Troopers, is that nobody, not the government, your family, your friends, or your peers, could end your service prematurely, only you could. If you felt the role you chose (yes you did have some say in what service you could undergo) did not fit you, you where permitted to switch occupations to another service, only you could chose to end your service prematurely. BUT, and it is a big BUT, if you ended your service prematurely, that was it, you only had one shot to become a citizen, which is why both in the book and movie, so much tension was put on Rico debating to ring that bell in basic because once he did, that was his one shot gone.

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