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Chris Hedges On Christian Fascism And Democrats’ Hypocrisy

Pulitzer Prize–winning Journalist Chris Hedges talks about the war in Ukraine, endless war, America’s gun fetish, abortion, the fascists in our midst, and the Democrats, who enable them.

00:00 Intro 02:01 Are progressives being too hard on Biden? 06:09 How the Biden administration dodges questions 11:58 What’s the source of Biden’s apathy? 16:35 Kamala Harris’s laughable appearance at a recent climate change event 30:05 Why is Buttigieg stuck at the tarmac when it comes to holding airlines companies accountable for ripping people off? 38:49 Debra Messing’s sudden revelation of Biden’s ineptitude 41:08 Part of ‘A Long Way Home’, A documentary by Chris Hedges 48:01 What compelled Hedges to make ‘A Long Way Home’?

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