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Standing United – Gauging The Threat

By Peter R. Quinones

Occasionally I apologize that I no longer take the easy way out, that my solutions to today’s ills/issues/insanities do not involve posting on social media all day that “the State should be abolished along with all of its institutions!” If that’s what you feel compelled to do, have at it. Scream at the clouds and entertain an in-group that is accomplishing nothing. How anyone could go through COVID and believe posting “the CDC should be abolished” will make any difference is a clear example of why the State continues to grow at alarming rates. Virtue signaling to your friends solves nothing. There are real-world actions being taken and while I do not necessarily agree with all of them, at least these actions go beyond screaming about something that isn’t going to happen – the State is not going to disappear. (If you need an appeal to authority see episode 109 of my podcast in which Walter Block clearly takes that position.)

The threat we face is both dangerous and delusional. But they are organized and highly motivated. Not the best combination. Just look at the reaction to the recent Roe v. Wade reversal that did nothing other than overturn a poorly made decision. The number of people on the lunatic Left who decided “nigger” is now an appropriate term to be used in the public square was unsurprising to some but still rather shocking.


The Left exists on rage and threats. How many people are scared to use guns to protect themselves knowing that the rioters, looters and murderers are protected by Soros DA’s/the ruling elite and they themselves would be prosecuted? I know, I know, some of you wouldn’t think twice.


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