Trump would destroy Howard Stern in a presidential election faceoff

From November 2021. I suspect the real issues would be how much non-Trumpists fear Trump after the J6 incident, how pissed off people are about Dobbs, along with the normal things like the state of the economy. A big question is who the media would side with.  Obviously, there are other celebrities who would have a better chance than Stern.

Donald Trump would destroy Howard Stern in a presidential election.

Howard Stern, the longtime radio show host, stated Tuesday that he would consider it his civic duty to run for president if Trump ran again in 2024. The self-professed “king of all media” said he felt he could beat Trump head-to-head. While this would be entertaining to see, it probably will never happen. Yet, if it did, the reality is that Trump would destroy Stern.

On his radio show, when referencing his potential candidacy amid a third Trump run for president, Stern said, “I know, I’ll beat his a**.” But no, there is absolutely no way that will happen. What has Stern ever done? Trump put money in people’s bank accounts; Stern put people in seats at strip clubs.

Stern is delusional for even thinking he could pull this off, let alone stating it publicly. Whether he realized it, he would first have to defeat President Joe Biden in the Democratic primary or run as a third-party candidate. Either option doesn’t bode well for Stern — third-party candidates don’t win presidential elections, and Biden would defeat Stern handily. But, if some miracle happened and Stern did get enough votes to face Trump, assuming Trump received the Republican nomination, there is absolutely no way Stern would ever get more votes than Trump did.

Whether one supports Trump or not, he obtained the second-highest amount of votes ever in our country’s history — receiving 74,216,154 votes. There is no universe that exists in which Stern would exceed that total. Stern is either trolling the country with his statement, trying to gain some of his faded popularity back, or outright delusional. Stern is not as popular in 2021 as he thinks he is.


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