Morning News: June 27, 2022 Epoch Times-Generals Sign ‘Declaration of Betrayal’ of Military Academy

”Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom.”
Defending America
Generals Sign ‘Declaration of Betrayal’ of Military Academy
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US News

Ray Epps Worried Jan. 6 Crowd Would Hurt ‘The Plan’

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Executive Branch

White House Clarifies Biden’s Stance on Adding Justices to Supreme Court

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US News

CDC Investigating ‘Large, Ongoing’ Outbreak of Rare Disease in Florida

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Social Issues

Rioters Smash Windows, Write Graffiti Threats During Roe v. Wade Protests in Portland

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Gas Prices Will Hit ‘Apocalyptic’ Levels Soon If This Happens: Expert

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District of Columbia

Washington After Roe Day 2: Faithful Bear Witness to a New Dawn

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US News

Prosecutors Oppose Ghislaine Maxwell’s Last-Minute Bid to Delay Sentencing

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Beautifully Handwritten Journals Reveal the Therapeutic Joy of Writing: ‘It’s Very Meditative’

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American Thought Leaders

Former Asst. Secretary of State David Stilwell: The China Diplomacy Trap, Dangerous Aerial Intercepts, and Xi Jinping’s COVID Paranoia

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The Beau Show

January 6: The Clown Car Trial

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Rob Natelson
The Deeper Significance of Justice Thomas’s Second Amendment Opinion
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Theodore Dalrymple
Roe v. Wade Decision Is an Attempt to Restore Intellectual Probity
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