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Rainbow Flags Among the Ruins: Queerness in an Age of Collapse

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

It’s all coming down, dearest motherfuckers, and there isn’t a damn thing we can do to stop it. A lifetime of obsessive-compulsively reading the tea leaves of every dead white doomsayer from Karl Marx to Ted Kaczynski has led me to the inescapable reality that after five thousand years of this crazy little fad we call the state, Western Civilization is finally on the brink of collapse. The signs surround us, and they are all written in flames.

The ice caps are melting, the reefs are bleaching, the rainforests are burning, and the oceans are turning into rising pools of caustic acid. The only thing proliferating faster than failed states are the cold wars needed to justify their existence just long enough for World War 3 to reduce us all to radioactive vapor. Capitalism is devouring its own gangrenous limbs as it rapidly runs out of wasteland to expand upon with the global debt now more than 300% larger than the global GDP.

And as these malignant institutions that have defined a civilization that brought us the miracles of artificial intelligence, the Holocaust, and the hydrogen bomb enter a final state of freefall, the lumpenproletariat raised in the shadows of its skyscrapers and smokestacks are reacting with an epidemic of random acts of unspeakable brutality, pushing little old ladies beneath subway trains and shooting up elementary schools. I honestly don’t know how many more plagues you people need. The Pharaohs only needed ten.

It’s fucking over people. It doesn’t matter how many UN Climate Panels, international peace summits, or green new deals you hurl at this Kraken called collapse, it’s too fucking late. Frankly, it was too fucking late the moment we decided to play god-of-dirt with the Agricultural Revolution and invented this twisted little concept called property.

The panacea of progress was always a poison pill and its suicide might be reason for celebration if it hadn’t expanded to such gargantuan proportions that it threatens to take the entire classroom of mankind and most of our furrier friends down with it. If this post sounds apocalyptic that’s because it is. I’m deeply sorry, dearest motherfuckers, I really am, but this really is the conclusion that all of my work has lead me too. Civilization is fucked and we’re not all going to make it. But I will be goddamned if my tiny tribe of fearless freaks goes down with the ship.

Queer is more than just a lifestyle choice to me. It is my tribe. It is my race. It is my nation. After a childhood defined by self-esteem crippling systemic abuse, I didn’t even know what safety felt like before I found my people. Belonging with the unbelongable literally saved my life. Now my jihad is to return the favor by finding my people a lifeboat and convincing them to abandon society and take it. This is the true motivation behind all of my wild contrarian schemes.

This is why I abandoned the moribund revolution of Third World communism for the dynamic heresy of post-left free market panarchy. This is why I advocate the militant decentralization of secession, agorism, civilian militias, and direct democracy. This is why I risk total alienation from my left-wing comrades to build bottom unity among sovereign citizens, paleolibertarians, and Boogaloo Bois. Che Guevara’s quixotic last stand against the raging windmill of global capitalism failed in the heart of the jungles of Bolivia fifty years ago and now survivalism is the name of the game. Everything I do, everything I am, is devoted to making sure that the people I love are among the survivors.


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  1. Pansy hyperventilates when it realizes no one likes him/her/it. The world isn’t ending, people are just telling Queers to shut up and leave people alone – and stay away from the kids, groomers.

    Maybe dial down the narcissism a bit and realize the world doesn’t revolve around the tiny minority of people with weird cross dressing fetishes.

    No one cares about you – you just aren’t that important.

    • “No one cares about you – you just aren’t that important.”

      Well, YOU obviously do care, Banned, and deeply so – otherwise, why would you write four enraged comments (three of them being quite lengthy) for a single Comrade Hermit’s post (and this not counting all previous furious comments you wrote for the Comrade Hermit’s former posts)?

      Attack the System is a gathering place for EVERYONE who is anti-system, Banned, across the whole widths of the political, cultural and economic spectrums – this means, it is for you as well as Comrade Hermit, simultaneously. This is the whole point of it. Were it you standard Antifa-type Wokeland site, you would have already been permabanned at the very least, probably also doxxed and likely facing a lynch mob of the ultra-woke vigilantes at your doorstep.

      If you don’t like it, you are free to express your ire. I, in turn, feel exactly free to express my disgust at you, finding you as ridiculous as I find hardcore Wokeness warriors.

      Free speech is one of the pillars of the Attack the System, after all.

      Be free to reply all you want, I don’t care – well, I care as little as it required to write this one and only reply I will ever write to you.

  2. Yes – this is why you are so annoying:

    > This is why I risk total alienation from my left-wing comrades to build bottom unity among sovereign citizens, paleolibertarians, and Boogaloo Bois.

    Just like those upper-middle class autistic right-wing reactionaries who think they are going to be the “New Priests of the Reaction” these “sovereign citizens, paleolibertarians, and Boogaloo Bois” and just waiting around for … YOU.

    You are gracing these lowly right-wingers with your fabulous presence and they are just waiting around waiting for your command! Don’t they realize how lucky they are!

    And don’t they realize how BRAVE you are to do this:

    ” I risk total alienation from my left-wing comrades”

    LOLULZ. Yaas Qween!

    You aren’t alienating your “left-wing comrades” – you’re just trying to get their attention by pretending you are going to “convert” to “not leftism.” Surely they will miss you!

    Just like the Richard Spencer and Matt Heimbach types, this is nothing but hysterical narcissist attention seeking posing as “activism” or “politics.”

    But of course the Richard Spencer and Matt Heimbach types are useful to the Leftist system, the Left-wing Neo-Liberalism that rules the West, and needs fake enemies like “Nazis.”

    But they already have more Progressive Transgender Anarchists than they have any use for. The very few jobs for Progressive Transgender Anarchists are already taken – it may even be hard to get some sort of teaching gig at a community college, because there are already a lot of Progressives Transgender Anarchists jockeying for the even fewer slots for that particular Leftist gimmick.

    But your problem is the Right – those “Boogaloo Bois” (an invention of the FBI) and “sovereign citizens” have ZERO slots available for Progressive Transgender Anarchists.

    It is just astonishingly presumptuous to think these people are like what Hollywood Jews think of Black people – Token Negros waiting to play background characters for You – the Star – to finally have the bravery to walk among the riff raff, all to the disdain of your Fashionable Left-Wing Friends.

    LOL – it is fucking pure comedy. That is what the “Anarchist Movement” is – just a particularly melodramatic faction of plain old left wing Democrats. You all probably voted for Hillary Clinton like your celebrity Anarchist Zionist Noam Chomsky told you to. Ha ha!

  3. Banned Hipster may need to lay off breitbart wannabes, touch grass, and get actual gf instead of just that anime bodypillow

    • Anonymous proves the point.

      This website, the “anarchists” are actually just Democrats. Leftists. The ideological autism about Anarchist Theory is just a put-on, frankly.

      In reality everyone associated with this site is just a standard issue Lefty Democrat. No matter the words, they are lefties, their friends are lefties, the categories they use are leftist, and of course they all have jobs that rely on Democratic party patronage.

      So, anyone makes fun of them, they must be a Republican – hence “Breitbart” (the Israeli propaganda website.)

      Next he’ll accuse me of being a Trump voter!

      Because he’s just a Democrat.

      Just like the Center for a Stateless Society pretends it has something to do with ideology, but the front page of their blog is all about “A transwoman discusses this boutique lefty social issue.” But if a transwoman is a woman, why make a big deal about the “trans?”

      Because “Anarchism” is just a cover – the real meat is the Trans. It’s as silly as Caitlyn Jenner pretending the governor campaign isn’t about Trans at all, it’s about her fiscally conservative and patriotic message! LOL.

      So, in other words, Democrats who would fit right in at the most far-left “SJW” campus in Portland.

      I’m just extremely annoyed at their unhinged bigotry against regular American working class people. Plus, the Anarchist movement is full of kid touchers.

      It would take one click on my blog to make it quite evident that it is this site – AttackTheSystem – is really just a Democrat blog, not that my blog is somehow “Breitbart.”

      AttackTheSystem: leftover Bernie Sanders voters.

  4. Also – I have to show off my fancy learnings – I have been studying the Democratic front groups like “Anarchism.”

    > “touch grass”

    That phrase – “touch grass” – is a bit of Lefty jargon.

    If somebody tells you they really love Colin Oberst – you know that person is a Grade A Hipster, no matter what they say.

    If someone online tells you to “touch grass” that is a 100% signal that that person is a Lefty Democrat, because it is a little insider slogan – they use it all the time on Twitter when Lefty Democrats are critiqued.

    I come at this from a Marxist perspective – AttackTheSystem, “Anarchism” – these are merely part of the “Broad Front” politics for the Democratic party.

    The actual CLASS of people associated with AttackTheSystem and “Anarchism” defines their ideology – their ideology – “Anarchism” – is a material development of their class position.

    Everyone associated with this site is reliant on Democratic party patronage – Academia, NGOs … Lefty Bookshops – etc.

    So the Ideology constructed here is a material development of the class of people writing it – Bourgeois Lefty Democrats, which is why bourgeois boutique issues like “Trans” takes up so much space on a blog that pretends it is anti-state (“Trans” cannot even exist without high tech capitalism and a strong state.)

    > Individuals do not choose a particular ideology among several and then conform their way of life to this mindset. Instead, their existence within the contradictory relations of class society puts them into a certain ideological state of mind whose purpose is the rationalization and reproduction of that society. Whereas ideology appears in liberal discourse as a pluralistic set of competing views to be selected by individuals, Marx only speaks of ideology in general, as the distorted consciousness necessarily produced by the contradictions of class society. In short, there is no such thing for Marx as “an ideology” or “ideologies” in the plural, only ideology.

    Another obvious factor – most working class Americans are Christian to some degree. Just listen to these people speak – everyone associated with this site is anti-Christian, whether openly, or unable to hide their sheer contempt for working class people and their culture.

    A good example, a writer here just couldn’t understand why working class whites are so occupied with their MEANINGLESS Culture Wars.

    “Don’t those white trash see they are no different than the blacks? You both eat fried chicken and watermelon and believe in JEEEZUZ your Sky Daddy.”

    “What’s the Matter With Kansas? Why can’t you ignorant hicks understand that you should follow us Anarchists and give up all your meaningless religious and cultural issues and join our Anarchist Collective?”

    I’m not joking – this blog and the “movement” it represents is merely a form of fraud – the goal is to co-opt intellectual working class whites and draw them to the Democratic party.

    No different than the Libertarians, who do the same for the Republicans.

    Here is a hint: if you are a educated White Queer who idolizes the 1960s Black Panthers – that is a sexual fetish, not “politics.”

    The Black Panthers were morons and criminals who were co-opted by the Feds since day one. That bourgie lefties idolize these people is just their Race Fetish posturing as “politics.”

    AttackTheSystem – another Democrat blog hardly different than Your idea of a “far-right-winger” is … Jack Donovan – LOL!

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