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A Vote for Biden Is a Vote for a One-party State

This is almost two years old but it is a pretty good representation of how Red Tribe hardliners view “the other side.”

By Marc A. Thiessen

Democrats say “democracy is on the ballot” in November. They are right — because a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for a one-party state.

That’s not hyperbole. If Biden wins, Democrats will likely keep the House and retake the Senate, though without the 60-vote majority needed to break a Republican filibuster. That means the only check on their absolute power will be the GOP minority. They are threatening to get rid of that last check by abolishing the legislative filibuster — eliminating the Senate minority’s ability to delay or block legislation. If they do, they can then use their unchecked power not just to ram through their agenda, but also to pack the courts, pack the Senate, pack the House and pack the electoral college.

Sen. Christopher A. Coons (D-Del.) — Biden’s closest Senate ally who during the Trump presidency has led the effort to protect the filibuster — has made clear that Democrats will “not stand idly by for four years and watch the Biden administration’s initiatives blocked at every turn.” Never mind that they used the filibuster to block President Trump’s initiatives at every turn — from border wall funding to police reform and pandemic relief legislation. When Republicans try to use that same tool, Democrats will most likely abolish it.

This would give Democrats the ability to pass anything — on climate, energy, health care, taxes, immigration — without compromise or concessions. They can use the pandemic as justification for a record-breaking spending spree and unprecedented expansion of government.

But that’s not the real threat. As the 2022 midterms approach, Republicans will have their first chance to win back the Senate and stop the legislative juggernaut. That’s when things get really dangerous — because Democrats can use their new power to stop that from happening, by expanding their control over all three branches of government.

First, they can pack the courts. Even before the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the left was never going to be content with simply replacing liberal justices, because that would not change the ideological makeup of the court. They intend to follow through on their threats to “restructure” the court by adding justices to install a liberal majority. But they won’t stop there. They will also pack the federal circuit courts of appeal, neutralizing all of Trump’s judicial appointments and restoring liberal majorities.

Next, they can pack the Senate. They can make the District of Columbia a state, creating two more safe Democratic Senate seats. They could also admit Puerto Rico, adding two more seats. This would make it nearly impossible for Republicans to regain the majority.


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