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Faux Conservatism at Fox News

A lot of liberals and leftists don’t appreciate how liberal modern societies have become. I tend to agree with Paul that nearly 100% of the ruling class are cultural liberals or at least indifferent to social issues as long as the empire and their own class position are maintained.


For months now, Fox News luminary Pete Hegseth has been lecturing us about the “miseducation of America.” One of Hegseth’s favorite targets has been the Frankfurt School, a subject about which his colleagues bow to his glittering wisdom. Hegseth has spoken about his research more than once on Prager University, which may be the Con Inc. equivalent of a Regius Professorship at Cambridge.

According to Hegseth, who I doubt reads a word of German (the language in which the Frankfurt School produced most of its seminal work), the German refugees, whom he excoriates, corrupted American education from the time they reached these shores in 1933. But these German subversives were only adding insult to injury. The degeneration of learning and ethics to which they contributed was already afflicting us because of the Progressives, who had taken over and polluted our public education system 30 years earlier. (Hegseth can wax eloquent talking about Progressives just as well as the Frankfurt School.)

As I was listening to Hegseth, it dawned on me that in comparison to Fox News producers and many of their stars, members of the early Frankfurt School were paragons of bourgeois virtues. Unlike Hegseth, they did not have a number of children by different lovers, including one with a fellow Fox employee while being married to someone else, after having divorced another lady. The host of PragerU is working on his third marriage, which is a record that Frankfurt School academics Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer, or my former teacher Herbert Marcuse may not have matched. Yes, I know that Marcuse and Adorno were notoriously promiscuous, but to their credit, and unlike Hegseth, they did not combine that with a tendency to lecture about family morality.


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