Will the U.S. government take climate change seriously before it’s too late?

Welcome back to another week with Krystal Kyle & Friends — one where we’re putting emphasis on the looming crisis that’s already starting to shape our world. This week’s guest, David Wallace-Wells, is a journalist whose work has inspired countless people to tune into the front of climate activism and take our environmental crisis seriously — even as our government refuses to. He comes on the show this week to talk about how and why the defining catastrophe of our lifetimes isn’t taking center stage in Washington, and what the results will be. Watch below:

The latest in governmental action on climate change is bleak. While inflation is the major talking point for economic action in the White House, fossil fuel corporations are busy entrenching their wealth and protecting their enterprise. Trade deals in the U.S. as well as across the globe leave the door open for oil companies to sue governments whose climate policies threaten their profits. (They win 72 percent of their cases).

When we wonder why our representatives don’t take on these corporations in defense of the planet and its people, it’s illustrative that these representatives bring in a formidable haul from the fossil fuel industry — up to $93 million in stocks, according to the American Prospect, as of 2020. What’s clear is that to make climate change the priority we need it to be in national politics, electoral change is needed — alongside the organizing work that extends far beyond anything that can be accomplished at a ballot box in November.

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