The Nation Weekly: June 10, 2022 Chesa Boudin’s recall, a portrait of a mass killer, and more

“Chesa Boudin, poster child for the progressive prosecutors’ movement around the United States, was voted out as San Francisco district attorney in a recall election that will have huge ramifications for national politics over the coming months and years,” writes Sasha Abramsky.

This week, Abramsky outlined San Francisco’s ongoing crime streak, the dichotomy between continuous crime reduction strategies and short-term results, and the events that led to more than 60 percent of voters to endorse Boudin’s recall.

Why California Voters Recalled Chesa Boudin
The ousting of the progressive San Francisco district attorney suggests that Democrats have failed to win the public with their messaging on criminal justice.
Sasha Abramsky
Shon Miller: Portrait of a Mass Killer as a Human Being
The sterile, but endless, debate over the role of mental illness in mass shootings rarely acknowledges how much our system fails those on both sides of the gun.
Billy Sothern
The Reign of Reality TV
Danielle Lindemann’s True Story examines the pleasure and politics of what is quickly becoming the most influential genre of entertainment around the world.
Jake Nevins
Why the Internet Sided With Johnny Depp
In a he said/she said scenario, we tend to believe him, regardless of our own gender.
Kate Manne
Can a United Left Win in Macron’s France?
France’s left unity coalition is poised to send a crop of activists into the National Assembly, though critics say it could be even more representative of its diverse base.
Cole Stangler
John Nichols on Crime and the Democrats, Plus Sarah Posner on Sex and the Southern Baptists
Writers join the Start Making Sense podcast to discuss Tuesday’s primaries in California and the scandal that could shake the Christian right.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense
Matt Duss on the Ukrainian Dilemma
Bernie Sanders’s foreign policy adviser joins The Time of Monsters to discuss how the war in Ukraine presents a difficult problem for the left.
Jeet Heer

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