Anarcho-capitalism and the TRUTH about Michael Malice

The Anarchy Wars continue

From ChillGoblin

This video answers the age old question, what the H is going on with this guy Michael Malice? Is he an anarchist? Why not? Also, could there be a largely unrelated Kropotkin- themed game show in the middle of the video please?

Thanks to everyone who helped me with this! Check out all these great channels:


Anansi’s Library as Michael Malice
Chill Goblin as Peter Kropotkin
Mica (Ponderful) as Ayn Rand
Radical Reviewer as Valley Girl Mikhail Bakunin
Eron (Re-Education) as Murray Rothbard
We’re in Hell as Noam Chomsky


If you have any questions about where I got specific information, leave me a question in the comments or DM me on twitter/discord, happy to help you out!


“The Anarchist Handbook,” organized by Michael Malice

“The Conquest of Bread” by Peter Kropotkin (all passages quoted from this book are also included in the Michael Malice book)

“Ego and Hubris: The Michael Malice Story” by Harvey Pekar


So many videos. I don’t recommend anyone watch these, ever. But if you’re morbidly curious, here’s a list of the videos I used

The Blair White Project: Michael Malice: Anarchism, Gay History, and North Korea | The Blaire White Project Ep. 1

Chris Williamson: Michael Malice Explains Why He’s An Anarchist

Fox Business: Will there ever be peace in the Middle East?

The Glenn Beck Podcast: ‘Welcome to Anarchism, Glenn’ | Michael Malice | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 121

The Joe Rogan Experience: Anarchism Vs. Statism | Michael Malice & Joe Rogan

Lex Fridman podcast: Are the DMT elves real? | Michael Malice and Yaron Brook and Lex Fridman

Lex Fridman podcast: Communism vs Fascism: Which was more evil? | Michael Malice and Yaron Brook and Lex Fridman

Lex Fridman podcast: Michael Malice: Totalitarianism and Anarchy | Lex Fridman Podcast #200

Michael Knowles REACTS to ANARCHY and “The WHITE Pill” | Michael Malice
This one pissed me off because the subtitles are completely broken and I couldn’t search the transcript! Had to watch this bullshit like 4 times for three clips

Michael Malice: Anarchist Audiobook Recording

Timcast IRL: Michael Malice Explains His ‘Anarchist Handbook’ And The Meaning Of Anarchy, EVERYONE Misunderstands

Triggernometry: Michael Malice – The Case for Anarchy

Valuetainment: Is America About to Become an Anarchy? – Michael Malice

What Bitcoin Did: The Anarchist Lens with Michael Malice

What Bitcoin Did: Understanding Anarchism with Michael Malice

Other stuff:

Karol Markowicz being triggered by US Democratic Socialists:

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00:00 – Intro: Who is that masked man?
03:06 – Sponsored content by Atlas VPN
05:11 – Ego and Hubris: An American Splendor Story
10:00 – Anarchism and Anarcho-Capitalism: A Crash Course
20:14 – Michael Malice’s Anarcho- Strategy
22:05 – Michael’s Definiton of Anarchy
28:45 – Bakunin
32:46 – Emma Goldman
36:04 – Peter Kropotkin
39:14 – Unrelated Kropotkin game show segment
48:47 – Rothbard
54:03 – Abolish the Police
59:54 – The Reveal
1:09:07 – Credits

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