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Her Choice, Our Future: The Conservative Case For Legal Abortion

By Ed Dutton

The possibility that that the American Supreme Court might overturn Roe v Wade—and thus allow state legislatures to decide whether abortion should be legal—provoked such an intense emotional reaction from the already highly emotional Left that both Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase and the war in Ukraine were displaced as focuses of virtue-signaling. A video showed Senator Elizabeth Warren, surrounded by female pro-abortion activists, screeching with fury: “I am angry! [because] this will fall on the poorest women in our country. This will fall on those who have been raped. This will fall on mothers who are already struggling to work three jobs. . . .”

The tendency of many right-wing commentators was to gloat about this potential victory for the conservative-religious idea that life is sacred and begins at conception. Paul Joseph Watson sarcastically impersonated the typical feminist as despairing—“Nooo! You can’t just stop us murdering infants”—and referred to TikTok being “awash with shitlibs shocked at the prospect of not being able to execute new-born babies.” He concluded, alluding to Musk’s purchase of Twitter, that “free speech is in and baby-killing is out, and all the right people are wetting the bed over it. What a time to be alive!”

The implication is that banning abortion is a good thing because it is “baby-killing” —implicit in which is the equalitarian idea that all babies are constitutionally the same and have the same potential—and because the enemy are in favor of abortion. This argument is no more reasonable than the emotional screech of Elizabeth Warren about how she will fight so that America “Never!” returns to those dark pre-Roe-days. There are sound reasons, however, why those who are conservative, or simply those who favor the maintenance of civilization, should be pro-abortion. Put simply, abortion, to use an old-fashioned term, is “eugenic.”


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