Climate Change Looms in Russia

New York Review of Books

Sophie Pinkham
A Hotter Russia

The cliché, avidly promoted by Moscow, is that Russia will be a relative winner in climate change, but a new book argues that the country will find itself in trouble.

Marina Warner
Wimple Networks

The scholars in Relations of Power argue that a method borrowed from literary criticism can shift our historical understanding of medieval women’s spheres of influence.

Larry Rohter
An Eternal Symbol of Black Resistance

Gayl Jones’s novel Palmares sees the legendary Brazilian slave haven as a story to which all descendants of Africans brought forcibly to the Americas can lay claim.

Noah Feldman, reply by James Oakes
‘Was Emancipation Constitutional?’: An Exchange

In response to a review of The Broken Constitution from the May 12, 2022, issue.

Dennis Zhou
‘Poet of the Camera’

What made the Hollywood cinematographer James Wong Howe a consummate artist was his ability to cohere his experiences into a visual style.


a poem
Diane Seuss

What can memory be in these terrible times?
Only instruction. Not a dwelling…

Struck by a Manhattan billboard advertising beer with a slogan—Find your beach—that was “a faintly threatening mixture of imperative and possessive forms,” Zadie Smith wrote for the Review’s October 23, 2014, issue an analysis of the kind of commercial messaging that pervades the high-achievement and high-stress American urban scene.

Zadie Smith
Find Your Beach

“Find your beach no matter what else is happening. Do not be distracted from finding your beach. Find your beach even if…it is not actually there. Create this beach inside yourself. Carry it with you wherever you go. The pursuit of happiness has always seemed to me a somewhat heavy American burden, but in Manhattan it is conceived as a peculiar form of duty.”


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