Jose Nino’s Digest: June 3, 2022 Greg Steube Stands Firmly Opposed to Magazine Bans

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Greg Steube Stands Firmly Opposed to Magazine Bans

The pro gun control banshees have been shrieking non-stop about passing gun control in the wake of the Buffalo and Uvalde mass shootings. This time, Gun Control Inc. is upping the stakes by calling for bans on “high capacity” magazines to tackle…

Jun 03, 2022Big League Politics

Ron DeSantis is Expected to Veto $35 Million Tampa Bay Rays Facility for the Franchise’s Politicization of Recent Mass Shootings

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will not allow sports franchises in the Sunshine State to politicize mass shootings without consequences. According to a report by Outkick, DeSantis intends to veto a $35 million bill allocated towards a facility in…

Jun 02, 2022Big League Politics

Turkish Leader Erdogan Stresses “Principled Stance” in Delaying NATO Membership for Sweden and Finland

Turkey’s opposition to Sweden and Finland joining NATO has been one of the most surprising developments in international affairs over the last month. Ostensibly, Turkey has done so on the grounds that Sweden and Finland contain terroristic elements…

Jun 02, 2022Big League Politics

Donald Trump Endorses Blake Masters for Arizona’s US Senate Seat

After much speculation, it’s official now. On June 2, 2022, former President Donald Trump endorsed venture capitalist Blake Masters in his race for Arizona’s U.S. Senate seat. Masters is one of five Republican candidates running in the August 2nd…

Jun 02, 2022Big League Politics

North Carolina Congressman Dan Bishop Endorses Anthony Bishop

Of the America First candidates running for office in the 2022 election cycle, Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini is the most explosive of the bunch. His principled stances on immigration and the Second Amendment have made him an easy…

Jun 02, 2022Big League Politics

Turkey Launches New Military Operation in Northern Syria Against Kurds

Turkish strongman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan flexed his geopolitical muscles on June 1, 2022 when he announced a new “special operation” of the Turkish army to confront “terrorist elements” in northern Syria. According to a report by Tyler Durden at…

Jun 02, 2022Big League Politics

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