Cops Didn’t Stop the Uvalde School Shooting

By The Intercept

“Kindness takes courage!” read rainbow letters written by Alithia Ramirez, a fourth grader at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. In the corner of her contest-winning poster, a round yellow sun looks on, cross-eyed, over a cloud of forbidden words: “Fat! Loser. Ugly. Dumb.” Each is circled and eliminated with a slash. At the top of the poster, Ramirez wrote a hashtag embellished with an extra smile: “#End Bullying.”

Ramirez has been identified as one of the students killed in the mass shooting at her school on Tuesday. Her father told local station KSAT that she wanted to be an artist.

The Uvalde City School District has its own police department — staffed with a chief, five cops, and a security guard — which participates in anti-bullying initiatives, including the poster contest Ramirez won. Absent meaningful gun reform, advocates and lawmakers often call for changes that seem more attainable: less bullying and more cops.

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