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  1. I have lived a good life,,, I’m 6 mo. Shy of 100 yrs old,,, I’m self sufficient, I’m well. ‘n happy ‘n I will NEVER stop talking about the 2020 Election because I’m ashamed of the apposing Political Democrat Party,,, the last time I voted for a Dem was JFKennedy,,, I have a hystory of politics,, I’m so Proud of Pres. Trump,,, The enemy of my Country is the Democrat Party,,, I have felt this deeply ‘n it just gets worse w/ the Elites ‘n Soros ‘n the NWO…. The only reason they ‘r fighting so hard to take him down is because they ‘r afraid of him,,, So Sad! He’s a good man,, ‘n he’s holding up well,,, that’s a ‘tuff’ row to hoe when ‘u know ‘u ‘r right!

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