Jose Nino’s Digest: May 24, 2022

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The Implications of Adding Sweden and Finland into NATO

Since Finland and Sweden formally applied to join on May 18, 2022, many questions are up in the air about how this move will play out on a geopolitical level. The Russo-Ukrainian conflict largely accelerated this move. With the polar regions becoming…

May 24, 2022The Liberty Loft

Thomas Massie Makes the Case for Using Primary Elections as a Tool for Change

Most political operatives tend to be obsessed over general elections. They’re the events that receive wall-to-wall media coverage from the corporate press and animate millions of voters nationwide. However, are these kinds of elections all that?…

May 24, 2022Liberty Conservative News

Thomas Massie Calls for Cutting All Foreign Aid

Foreign aid is one of the holy sacraments of the political order that no one dares challenge. On an annual basis, the United States government doles out roughly $38 billion in foreign aid. While most foreign aid goes to developing nations, the US…

May 24, 2022Liberty Conservative News

POLL: Voters Still Believe that Fake News is a Problem

The majority of voters believe that the corporate press isn’t grilling President Joe Biden as hard as former President Donald Trump. A recent Rasmussen poll showed that voters still believe “fake news” is a major problem. The Rasmussen survey found…

May 24, 2022Big League Politics

POLL: Hispanics Are Rejecting the Biden Regime

60% of Hispanic Americans disapprove of the Biden regime’s performance. This comes at a time when the southern border is imploding, baby formula is growing scarce, inflation is soaring, and the nation is going through an energy crunch. Only 26% of…

May 23, 2022Big League Politics

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