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  1. > Did the congress members who voted against baby formula get their communion taken away?

    No Congress member “voted against baby formula.”

    Don’t you left-wingers realize how desperately unfunny this attempt at snark is?

    Most of you left-wingers don’t even have kids and don’t understand even basic economic or logistical reality.

    Left-wingers – even the ones who pretend to be “Anarchists” – literally want the Federal Government to suckle other people’s babies at a Giant Government Tit.

    As if baby formula is made by Democrats in an office building in Washington DC.

    Glad to see the Catholics finally stand up to these ghoulish monsters like Pelosi and Biden – two of the most murderous serial killers in all of human history – those two make Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy seem wholesome by comparison.

  2. I’m w/you!,,,, the “Patriots” ‘r so sick of their games ‘n their attempts at trying to make their ‘tricks seem like ‘do-gooders’ ,, as I have said before, why the children-? first the ninth-mo. abortion- then allowing first-graders to “pick” their gender- then the infant formula disappearance-,, and now the ‘gun ‘ trick/ with the horror of the killing of children -now guns? – I can’t make myself belief they had a hand in such a terrible thing,,,, On the other- it seems they will stop at nothing -such as their Pedo rings-whatever that is!,,,, And last of all- if they are so sure about the vote count ,why not have another vote? Today, right now! ,,,,,However, I would still like to know—why the problems with ‘children? Right now? Not my child! Not any child! God help us all,,,,,

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