Ukraine blocked from speedy entrance to EU by France and Germany

By New York Post

Ukraine’s hopes of a speedy entrance into the European Union were just as quickly dashed on Thursday after both France and Germany blocked the war-torn country’s bid to join.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz addressed his government Thursday and said that while he supported Ukraine in its struggle against Russia, there are “no shortcuts” to membership, reports Newsweek.

“There are no shortcuts on the way to the EU,” Scholz said to the German parliament.

“The accession process is not a matter of a few months or years.”

Scholz argued that allowing Ukraine to expedite the process would be unfair to other countries that would like to attain membership.

French President Emmanuel Macron agreed with the German head-of-state, adding that Ukraine’s path to becoming a full member could take “decades.”

“We all know perfectly well that the process to allow [Ukraine] to join would take several years indeed, probably several decades,” President Emmanuel Macron said.


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