The Fight Over Abortion After “Roe” Falls

It will be a battle with 50 different fronts.

May 20, 2022
“The anti-abortion movement has a crucial base of financial support that the abortion rights movement lacks: churches,” writes The Nation’s abortion access correspondent Amy Littlefield.

For our latest cover story, Littlefield gets into the minds of the pro-life movement, shines a light on pro-choice Catholics, and helps us prepare for a post-Roe future. Make sure to sign up for our new newsletter, Repro Nation, for more news and resources dedicated to the abortion fight.

The Fight for Abortion After “Roe” Falls
It will be a battle with 50 different fronts.
Amy Littlefield
Elise Stefanik’s Crocodile Tears Over the Buffalo Massacre
Two opportunists demonstrate the triumph of Trumpist racism and conspiracy theories.
Jeet Heer
The Disastrous History of Rikers
How a failed agenda of jail reform produced one of the country’s most infamous penal colonies.
Kay Gabriel
The Supreme Court and the Church: A Conversation With Frances Kissling
In the wake of the Supreme Court leak, the former president of Catholics for a Free Choice discusses the moral obligation to take care of women in need of abortions.
Claudia Dreifus
Immigrant Construction Workers Fight Back Against Exploitation
Los Demolicionistas—“the Demolitionists”—have organized to stop nonunion employers from taking advantage of immigrant workers.
Ashley Bishop
John Nichols on Progressives in the Primaries, Plus Lynn Garafola on “La Nijinska”
On this week’s show, an analysis on pro-Israel groups trying to sway Democratic primaries and a discussion about the amazing life of a Russian avant-garde dancer.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense
Tucker Carlson’s Mouthpiece, Glenn Greenwald
Eoin Higgins comes on the Time of Monsters podcast to discuss how the contrarian pundit is now whitewashing racism.
Jeet Heer

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