Jose Nino’s Digest: May 14, 2022

Latest Ukraine Aid Bill Shows That The Republican Party is Still Stuck on America Last Mode

On May 10, 2022, the US House approved a $40 billion bill that would supply Ukraine with military and economic aid. It was passed on a vote count of 368-57. The 57 House members who voted against this bill were all Republicans. Nevertheless, the…

May 14, 2022Liberty Conservative News

Marjorie Taylor Greene Exposes Dan Crenshaw for the Neocon Hack That He Is

As horrible as the Russo-Ukrainian War has been, it has been a clarifying moment for liberty conservatives. It has unmasked elected officials who are total phonies while also shining light on those who are the real defenders of non-interventionism…

May 14, 2022Liberty Conservative News

Thomas Massie Calls Attention to the US Government’s Misplaced Spending Priorities

The Russo-Ukrainian War has offered Americans an idea of how twisted their elected officials are. While Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is an egregious violation of national sovereignty, this is a conflict that the US should not be involved in. There’s…

May 13, 2022Liberty Conservative News

Rand Paul Blocks the Passage of Massive Ukraine Aid Bill in the Senate

The United States Senate is by and large a hotbed for establishment legislative action. It’s the legislative chamber that epitomizes the uniparty consensus present in DC. This is especially notable on issues of foreign policy. The Russo-Ukrainian war…

May 13, 2022The Liberty Loft

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