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Abortion rights backers rally in anger: See scenes from across US

Will abortion be the issue that triggers Civil War Two in the same way slavery triggered Civil War One?

WASHINGTON (AP) — Supporters of abortion rights took to the streets across America on Saturday to make clear their anger at the prospect that the Supreme Court will soon strike down the constitutional right to abortion. Cries of “My body, my choice” rang out as activists committed to fighting for the legal protection that has endured for nearly a half-century.

Incensed by a leaked draft opinion suggested the conservative majority on the court would vote to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling, activists rallied to express their outrage and mobilize for the future as Republican-led states are poised to enact tighter restrictions.

In the nation’s capital, thousands gathered in drizzly weather at the Washington Monument to listen to fiery speeches before marching to the Supreme Court, which is now surrounded by two layers of security fences.

The mood was one of anger and defiance.

“I can’t believe that at my age, I’m still having to protest over this,” said Samantha Rivers, a 64-year-old federal government employee who is preparing for a state-by-state battle over abortion rights.


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  1. I’m wondering how many of those women out there-pretending their outrage- like this 64 yr old woman – ‘n those that have been ‘fixed’ ( whom have no possibility of having a child) – ‘n should be home taking care of their own responsibilities -should be home tending to much larger concerns to their Country! I’m still thinking women have become their own worst enemy!

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