Randy Weaver dead at 74: Survivalist known for 11-day Ruby Ridge standoff with FBI passes away

By The Sun

RANDY Weaver, the survivalist known for his role in the Ruby Ridge standoff with the FBI, has died at the age of 74.

His daughter Sara confirmed the news on Facebook on Thursday.

She wrote: “Love you always Dad….

“See ya next time I see ya

“January 3, 1948 – May 11, 2022.”

A cause of death for Weaver has not been released.

Weaver‘s wife Vicki and 14-year-old son Samuel were killed by an FBI sniper during an 11-day standoff in the mountains of Idaho in 1992.

The standoff began when the US Marshall Service tried to arrest Weaver for failing to appear on a firearms charge.

Weaver had chosen not to surrender and remained inside his cabin on Ruby Ridge for a year and a half with his family.

When Marshalls showed up at the property, a shootout took place and Marshalls shot dead the family dog, Striker.

A confrontation ensued and when Weaver, his son Samuel, and friend Kevin Harris came out to check out the situation.


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