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‘Anybody that’s middle class and below, we’re screwed’: Housing costs rise at the fastest pace in decades — but some Americans are already feeling the brunt

By Emma Ockerman, Market Watch

Damon Blanchard, a 46-year-old living in Columbus, Ohio, is unemployed but gets a biweekly workers’ compensation check worth about $686 after getting hurt on the job in a scrapyard three years ago, he said.

Last year, an investment firm purchased the apartment complex Blanchard is living in — which he said is largely home to people of color — and ultimately bumped his rent up from $450 to $970 in January. Because of that, he’s currently spending almost all of his income on rent.

Like many tenants have done since the start of the pandemic, Blanchard tried to organize with his neighbors and fight back against his landlord’s rent increases, though he said the investment firm that acquired his complex, Vision and Beyond, was unwilling to negotiate with renters as a group.


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  1. Exactly how the elitist have had things planned for a long time,,, Their New World -no borders planning do not include many ‘lower-class. – ‘n they ‘r not worried about us having $,, the World/gov,t will own everything- even our children,,,,, ‘n they don’t like ‘poor’ white men,,,,,they ‘r flooding our country w/everything but!,,,Biden-Hillary ‘n the Dems have “overpowered “ everything ‘n everyone,,how sad !

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