Three Areas Populists can Lead on in 2024

By Jose Alberto Nino

With all the focus on the upcoming midterms in November, it is necessary to prepare (win-or-lose) to jump right into the next oncoming electoral skirmish– the 2024 general election.

I know, with all the focus on 2022, the very thought of 2024 may seem nauseating but to be prepared now is the ensure better results later. While some may need to “take a break” after this midterm, the true activist needs to get up and get out the next day because the work needs to be done.

The Biden administration and the Democrats have ushered America into a terrifying era, but through their aggressions and failures, they have opened up the opportunity for the right wing and populists in general to achieve some major victories that may not have been possible in elections prior.

I have three key areas of victory that can be achieved at the local, state, and federal level if conservatives can work these policy areas into their campaigns.

America First Foreign Policy

We don’t know whether Biden will have launched us into a war by then, but the fact is that for over two decades, Americans at large do not feel comfortable sacrificing blood and treasure in foreign escapades.

The fumblings of NATO and the chickenhawk sabre rattling of the Biden administration has forced Americans across the board to question what our role in the world is. Are we the global police? Are we making the world safer for peace? Are we in any way, shape or form responsible for the rise of our so-called “enemies”?


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