A Schematic Anarchism: Rethinking Anarchism Without Adjectives and Synthesis

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from Libertarian Labyrinth by Shawn P. Wilbur

The schematic anarchism introduced over the last few months is at once a comparatively adjectiveless anarchism and a tool for synthesis. It is, however, not an example of anarchism without adjectives or anarchist synthesis in their most familiar senses. Exploring the ways in which those ideas are transformed in the context of this new conceptual toolkit should help clarify the character and uses of the new apparatus.

The first and most obvious quality that distinguishes the schematic anarchism is its treatments of isms. It is probably safe to say that, at present, we tend to recognizeeven our own isms as ideological constructions—always a bit perilously close to rules for anarchists, however freely they may be chosen. The schematic framework proposed instead uses a much broader sense, recognizing as anarchisms a wide range of expressions—expressions of anarchy and by anarchists.

…we can imagine anarchisms that are characteristic quirks or structural changes, anarchisms that resemble volcanisms, exorcisms, heroisms, witticisms, tropisms, etc.

This is not necessarily a broadening of our sense of what anarchism is in practice. Each of these diverse anarchisms presumably still corresponds in its structure to the proposed schematic. Given the specific rigors of that model, perhaps some common practices of anarchists will not be specifically recognizable as anarchisms—however good and useful they may be. It also does not exclude ideological constructions, but instead simply denies their primacy. The same is true of various sorts of organizational strategy, which in this specific context simply assume their place in the anarchy of anarchisms—whatever we may think of their importance in various sorts of struggle in our present archic context.


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