“The Lighter Our Task, the Heavier our Burden” An Ethnography of Political Dissidence among Punks and Anarchists in Indonesia

By Louis Gerald Plottel

Punk and anarchism, as lived practices that espouse antiauthoritarianism and prefigurative politics as their guiding principles, share a close affinity. Yet, the political value of punk has tended to be overlooked in favour of the punk “identity.” This paper considers the overlapping politics of anarchists and punks in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, through ethnographic description of the everyday practice of political dissidence. I approach punk from an anarchist point of view, analysing it as an expression of prefigurative politics. Drawing upon fieldwork with members of a newly formed anarchist website, a , and a punk squat in the north of the city, I show how political dissidents in Indonesia are fostering connections to global punk and anarchist movements through their everyday lives. I contend that punks play an important role in the embodiment of anarchism as a political way of being, while revealing the contours and complexities of radical political movements in Indonesia.


Categories: Anarchism/Anti-State

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