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Matthew Continetti on the Future of the Right After Trump and Roe

Marshall and Saagar are joined by Matthew Continetti, author of The Right: The Hundred-Year War for American Conservatism. Matthew returns to take The Realignment back to its roots and discuss what Trump and Biden era debates on the right mean for 2024 and beyond, who exactly is (and isn’t) a conservative, and what makes the current “realignment” moment so unique. 0:00 – Introduction 0:43 – Why Matt thinks we are at a historical/political inflection point 3:59 – What historical period rhymes best with today? 6:19 – Who won the fight between big vs. small government? 11:15 – Why are modern politics so identity driven? 14:05 – Matt’s assessment of the cultural power of the right 17:12 – What is a conservative? 21:50 – History of the right 35:08 – Has the left gotten more extreme? 49:42 – The effect of Ukraine on US politics 54:40 – What are young republicans feeling right now? 56:58 – Matt’s book

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