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Communism Is Not Conservative

By Zoltanous and Momcilo Nevesky

Thanks to the insanity of the internet a new phenomenon of “Conservative Communism” (formerly known as “Patriotic Socialism”) is now a thing. Frankly on face value this is just so ridiculous it shouldn’t even be addressed. Unfortunately because of personalities like Infrared (Haz), who believes in a highly warped Frankenstein version of Marxism.

I now have to contend with political retardation, conservative communism or as he calls it, capital C-communism. One of the key tenants to this monstrosity of capital C-communism is the insane idea that communism is inherently conservative, patriotic and even traditional for that matter.

To start to engage with this we would actually have to start off on the foundational basis of traditional philosophy and compare it Marxist philosophy. In the case of traditional philosophy it’s often metaphysically grounded in philosophical Idealism such as Platonism.

When we take Marx on face level we have a philosophy that mixes idealism with materialism therefore being incoherent, but this is not the place for that argument (see Momcilo’s article here or the video here). But when Vladimir Lenin came along later (relying much more off the mature Engels than the young Marx), he essentially detached Marx from his elements of idealism.


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